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Upload your image or logo and we create a custom design and quote totally FREE. I would like a custom design and quote flecha boton

Custom Made USBs

Fully customized USB models. We design the shape of your USB FLASH DRIVE in silicone by using your product/logo or idea by our specialised design team, free of charge.
Fully customized to your company’s image, both in colour and form, as we incorporate you or your clients brand/ corporate image. Models can be both 2D and 3D, with the possibility of adding hangers or other accessories .
Tailor your logo to the latest trends. MODELS ® USB can advise you in which model would best suit your needs, through our experience design and production team, that will result in an in-depth design of USB and an outstanding finished product.
Colours: We can pantone match any specific colour and set the number of PANTONE to our specifications. Please see production quantities for this option.
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